Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life is good right now. We have had a steady stream of illnesses in our house which isn't very fun. Ava and I seemed to be trading colds back and forth, and Jared has his annual lingering cough. Nothing too serious. Last weekend I had a really horrible sinus infection that had me in the bed pretty much all weekend. I finally decided to go to Urgent Care on Sunday after I developed a fever of 100.8. Good thing I did - by the time I was seen my fever was up to 101.5! Yikes! They did an x-ray and a blood draw to determine I had a pretty severe sinus infection that was bacterial in nature. They gave me a shot of antibiotics in my butt - good times! I'm feeling better now - still getting sinus headaches about twice a day but they are curbed with OTC sinus meds (the meds stopped working this weekend, so definitely improvement). The doctor wanted me to come back this weekend for a follow-up visit but I haven't decided if I'll actually do that.

Anyway, enough about that. We have been thoroughly enjoying the basketball season over the past few weeks. Jared and Ava got to go to UNC's practice session yesterday, and we have tickets to the second round games for both Duke and Carolina - assuming they make it, haha! Basketball is something we have found that we can enjoy as a family. Even Ava likes watching it! However she didn't like the noise at the practice session so she probably won't be joining us at the game.

I need to do a photo dump soon. Ava is growing all the time! She's finally starting to sprout some hair that is more than just her little peach fuzz - it actually sticks out over her helmet! It's still so little hair compared to some of our friends' babies. I was the same way. Her hair looks blonde for the most part. And her eyes look like they may be hazel. At her 6 month checkup she weighed 15lbs 13 oz and measured 25 1/2 inches long. She (finally!) rolled back to tummy last weekend. She still doesn't play on her tummy as well as I'd like her to. She basically rolls over as soon as you put her on her tummy and plays on her back. She will get there, though. Besides, her physical therapist (for her torticollis) says she is right on track for her developmental skills. She also said that she has had GREAT improvements in her torticollis since her last session, which was only 2 weeks before! Go Ava! She's such an angel! We are so blessed.

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