Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful weekend

You gotta love NC for its unpredictable weather. I love going from running the heat to the AC in a 48-hour span. Actually, I don't know if we really did turn on the AC, but we definitely could have. I DO love opening the windows and filling the house with the smell of fresh air. It's fabulous!

My mom is in the market for a new car. As some of you have heard she was involved in a hit-and-run (she was hit, that is; she didn't hit and run someone!) a couple of weeks ago and the car was totalled. My mom hasn't had a new car in - well, she drove a van when I was a baby up until I was about 15, when she started driving the VW New Beetle that my dad bought for me. I never learned how to drive it, so she's driven it up until then. So, I guess she hasn't had a new car in my entire life! It was a perfect weekend for car shopping. She hasn't picked anything out yet, but she is close. It sure made ME want a new car! Of course, we don't need one, so that definitely isn't happening. But those things have a way of getting to you!

Poor Ava is sick with RSV. She has had a tiny bit of congestion once before, but really this is the first time she has been sick. She has been the tiniest bit more fussy, but overall she is still the same happy, fabulous girl. It is horrible to hear her rumbly little cough and constantly wipe her snotty nose, but she doesn't seem to be feeling too bad. I just hate for my baby to be sick! I can't believe she is already FIVE MONTHS OLD. She is also doing very well with her helmet. Thanks for all the words of encouragement, by the way! I hope to get over this helmet funk sooner rather than later.

I am really looking forward to more beautiful weather this week! Fresh air is definitely good for the soul.

ETA: I hope my background is showing up for you guys! It's super cute. It was showing up for me at first, and now it isn't for some reason. I didn't change anything. When I looked at home it was showing up, and I asked someone and it was showing up for them. But for some reason when I look at work (using the same browser I use at home) the background is not showing up. (...not that I'm looking at, writing in, or even thinking about my blog at work, of course......) Hmm.

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