Monday, February 16, 2009

Carolina wins. Duke loses. (Again.)

Ava approves.

So, at work the Duke-Carolina rivalry is in full force. We have a nice mix of Duke and Carolina fans. In our department the Carolina fans largely outweigh the Duke fans (smart people), but that doesn't stop the Duke fans from talking trash like there's no tomorrow. One Duke fan in particular, my co-worker, Brandon, was talking trash like it was going out of style the day of the game. Then, he conveniently signed up (in advance) for the Thursday and Friday after the game OFF. BIG MISTAKE! We took all of that extra time sans Brandon to ransack his cubicle with approximately 80 color copies of the UNC logo, changed his computer background and AIM icon to the logo, changed his AIM status to "I cry when Duke loses," changed his computer password to goheels, etc etc etc. Several of us got to work early for the momentous occasion - his reaction!

Epic! This video does not do justice to the magnitude of our work. I have another video that details all of our hard work. I will post that one soon!

GO HEELS!!!!!!!

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